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We offer a robust platform that enables organizations of all sizes to edit, share, and archive live video and TV programming completely within the cloud. The SnappyTV platform enables organizations to rapidly create, distribute and measure real-time promotional messaging delivered via social media channels. Messages are sent by the millions during prime time shows, live sports and breaking news. When you bring in social interactions around live streams, conferences and other events, this number grows exponentially. SnappyTV powers the clips of the biggest moments for sharing to the biggest audiences brought to you by the biggest brands.


Mike and Ryan teamed up in 2005 shortly after Mike finished his MBA at Stanford and Ryan finished a CS Masters at UCLA to start Jumpcut.com where they brought on Steve as Creative Director. We've been working together on social/video solutions ever since. Jumpcut was one of the first video sharing websites with a fully featured collaborative video editor as a web app. We sold the company to Yahoo! in 2006.

Mike was the GM of Video at Yahoo!, Ryan led the Video Platform and Stephen led video UX. We helped rebuild Yahoo!'s entire video back end, CMS and players and managed the video business across the company. We have seven of the original Jumpcut/Yahoo team still working together because we honestly like working together. We understand the business of video and want to make creating and distributing content as easy as it should be.


We believe that all content production will move to the cloud and that we can make enterprises more efficient and productive with the $20B+ spent on media production annually.


We love to solve hard problems. We strive for Zappos-like customer happiness. We believe that hard work, smart people and lots of bad-assery can generate value exceeding what any of us can do alone or elsewhere.